Ammo Swappers!

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Ammo Swappers!

Post  Ace_of_ER on Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:37 pm

Ammo Swaper Helicopter Missles
042C9E84 38000070

Ammo Swapper Strong Ammo

042C9E84 38000001

Ammo Swapper RPG

042C9E84 3800001C

Ammo Swapper Claymore

042C9E84 38000027

Ammo Swapper Grenade Launcher

042C9E84 38000041

Ammo Swapper Frag

042C9E84 38000028

Idk If i should give this out but this code will get ppl pissed of :/ Twisted Evil

Ammo Swaper No Ammo

042C9E84 38000000

~~~Note This Will Give every1 Da Amoo Swapper Not only u~~~~~~~~


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